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Front view of the Tabasco Museum and store, Avery Island, Louisiana, USAThe original Tabasco recipe in Edmund McIlhenny's handwriting, Louisiana, USAThe Tabasco Fans & Fanatics showcase in the Tabasco Museum including the Michael Anthony's Tabasco Bass GuitarA tourist reads about John Avery McIlhenny from a display in the Tabasco Museum, Louisiana, USAVarious items with the Tabasco logo in the Tabasco Museum in Louisiana, USAA display of Tabasco pepper plants at the Tabasco plant on Avery Island, Louisiana, USAA sign describing the Tabsco pepper used in Tabasco Hot Sauce, Louisiana, USATabasco pepper plants on display at the Tabasco plant, Avery Island, Louisiana, USATabasco sauce aging in wooden barrels covered with salt, Avery Island, Louisiana, USAMixing containers in the process of making Tabasco Sauce, Avery Island, Louisiana, USA