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Centennial Day, 08/26/16, YellowstoneJohn at Dunraven Pass, Memorial Day, YellowstoneFamily by RV, YellowstoneJohn, Backcountry Food Stand, YellowstoneJohn & Marie, 45th parallel, YellowstoneJohn's Portrait in Memphis, Jan. 2017Workamping, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZ, 12/17Pool Area, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZLobby, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZMustang Hollow, March 2017Marie Shoveling Snowbank, YellowstoneMarie In Truck At Dunraven PassMarie With Shovel, YellowstoneJohn At The SoundboardMarie BartendingJohn Frying PancakesUkulele BandLost Coast BeachYellowstone Presentation-046Yellowstone Presentation-041