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Centennial Day, 08/26/16, YellowstoneJohn at Dunraven Pass, Memorial Day, YellowstoneFamily by RV, YellowstoneJohn, Backcountry Food Stand, YellowstoneJohn & Marie, 45th parallel, YellowstoneMarie With Shovel, YellowstoneMarie Shoveling Snowbank, YellowstoneMarie In Truck At Dunraven PassJohn's Portrait in Memphis, Jan. 2017Workamping, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZ, 12/17Pool Area, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZLobby, Far Horizons, Tucson, AZJohn At The SoundboardMarie BartendingJohn Frying PancakesUkulele BandMustang Hollow, March 2017Lost Coast BeachYellowstone Presentation-046Yellowstone Presentation-041