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Dramatic evening light on a weathered tree in front of the West Mitten in Monument Valley, Arizona, USADesert landscape in the American Southwest with West Mitten, Monument Valley, Arizona, USAA butte in the evening sun in Monument Valley, Utah, USAAn apparition of a woman stained on the sandstone butte from the rain in Monument Valley, Utah, USAThe sun sets on the Mittens and Merrick Butte in Monument Valley while the moon starts to rise behind them, Arizona-Utah, USAA Navajo woman weaves a rug in a hogan at Monument Valley, Utah, USAA display of horse hair pottery, bows ans arrows and clubs for sale in a Navajo hogan, Utah, USAA Navajo man poses on a horse on a ledge in Monument Valley, Utah, USAAn apparition of a white bear appears in a sunbeam in the Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon, Page AZ, USARunning sand appears as water in the Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ, USAA dusty sunbeam in a slot canyon, Arizona, USAA double sun beam in Navajo Upper Antelope slot canyon, Arizona, USAA Navajo tour guide stands in front of the hogan he grew up in, Monument Valley, Utah, USAA Navajo Hogan and sandstone buttes, Monument Valley, USAA Navajo Hogan, Monument Valley, USAA pickup truck with kayaks in the desert in Monument Valley, Arizona-Utah, USA

Guestbook for Navaho
Kevin Stroble(non-registered)
Hello John, my favorite is the running sand. They are all great shots. Good job!
These picture of the desert are absolutely breathtaking. They are so perfect they almost look fake! I want to go there now.
Thanks for making me smile, John.